The Bath Arms
Milk Street

The Bath Arms is pictured here around the turn of the century with landlord Stephen Hobbs (centre) and friends. Converted into a greengrocers shop in 1914 the building was pulled down along with the rest of Milk Street in the late 1950’s. This picture was sent from Ontario Canada by Keith Hobbs the great grandson of Stephen Hobbs who was at the pub from 1897 until 1913.  Although the identity of the two chaps flanking Mr Hobbs is not known, apparently they were both named Alf...

1863. John Maltwood
1865 - 78. Thomas Edwards
1879 to 1882. Joseph Parkes
1883 - 87. Frederick Gazzard
1889. Susan Parkes
1891. Daniel Clark
1892 to 1896. Alfred Cheesemore
1897 to 1913. Stephen Lush Hobbs